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Sixth Form Overview

Sixth Form is a time of transition in your education. GCSE courses are a distant memory and the exciting wider world lies just ahead. We realise that as a Sixth Former you will want more freedom to make your own choices, more independence, to take more responsibility for your own actions and perhaps also the opportunity to become leaders both among your peers and in the wider world.

We will offer you all this within the stability of an established school community, providing guidance both inside and outside the classroom. You will be expected to work hard, to participate, to make the most of the opportunities you are given. In return, you will be given the chance to put forward your views, to challenge existing wisdom and to make a real difference. Staff will encourage you to think seriously about what you want from your future, and they will give you all the support to try and get you there.

We aim for excellence in all that we do here at Canford, and will do our very best to ensure that you are given the insight and versatility to follow your chosen path.

We will give you a coherent and connected learning experience which will equip you with the best possible academic results you can achieve, and through a range of co-curricular opportunities you will gain the confidence, the insight and the skills which combined will give you every chance to realise your dreams.

If you have that same ambition, a desire to succeed and to be the best you can be, Canford could be the place for you.

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