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The Tutor System

Tutors ensure their tutee realises his/her full potential, both academically and through the many other opportunities offered to pupils at the Canford.

At Canford every pupil is treated as an individual. We are crucially aware that the needs of each pupil will be different, and equally will change at various stages during their school career.  Our tutor system aims to monitor, record, co-ordinate, communicate and develop the broad educational progress of each pupil throughout their time at the school.  In the Sixth Form guidance will include applications to university, career options and A level workloads alongside co-curricular opportunities.

You will meet with your tutor at least once a week, and they will become a real mentor as you work towards your A level examinations, further education and career choices.  You may be interested in pursuing an EPQ, or the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award.  Perhaps you would like to apply for an overseas Partnership trip, or take the lead in Community Action within the UK.  Your tutor will help you to balance your work and co-curricular life to ensure you make the very most of the opportunities open to you across the school during your Sixth Form years.