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Universities & Careers

We have a dedicated team of careers staff who are experienced in giving you information, advice and guidance about your choices after Canford, whether in higher education, gap years or general career direction. Recognising and developing some of the key skills that both universities and businesses regard as important for future success is a key first step which we will help you with, as well as giving you food for thought on what to expect.

Helping you negotiate the tricky waters of CV writing, job applications and interviews are all in a day's work for the careers staff.  The school offers psychometric testing to help you make the right choices.

We have a strong network of current and former parents and Old Canfordians who can offer you advice and possibly valuable work experience to give you an advantage in an increasingly competitive world.

Every year there is a Careers Symposium with talks from a range of businessmen and women, and an online mentoring system mathes your interests to those already working in that industry.  Pupils also have the chance to participate in the UCAS Higher Education University Fair and visit various University open days. 



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Over 95% of pupils go to University


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