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University Entrance

Over 95% of Canfordians move on to university each year, with in recent years at least 80% to institutions in the Russell Group/Sunday Times Top 12/US/Medical Schools.  In the past decade, 90 pupils have gained offers from Oxford and Cambridge.  Pupils have won scholarships to a variety of top institutions including Oxbridge, Durham and US Ivy League colleges, as well as sponsorships through university with the Army and with top corporates such as PWC and Accenture. The school also has an excellent record of success in applications on highly competitive courses for Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary Science, with 88 places offered to Canfordians in the past decade.


Universities Overseas

Our University entrance programme is by no means confined to institutions in the UK.  Canford is a recognised SAT testing centre for entrance to US universities and holds test days throughout the academic year.   The school is also seeing an increase in interest from pupils in exploring European universities, and invites representatives from colleges across the continent to talk about potential options.   Recent visitors have included institutions in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.



Regular Updates

In an ever changing careers world, careers department staff keep abreast of latest developments and publish a monthly newsletter to all parents and pupils which include important dates, Open Day information and useful careers links.  

You might also find this information from UCAS regarding university career choice helpful:

UCAS Parent Guide

A dedicated Careers Twitter account is also updated regularly with information from Universities and employers.

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