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FCR Rowing Morning 2022

FCR Rowing Morning - Saturday 10th December - 10:00

FCR are delighted to offer you the opportunity to try out rowing on the River Stour, at Canford's boat house. Director of Rowing, Ian Dryden will take you out onto the water before the morning concludes with a light lunch.

Surplus funds from this event will help to support FCR and the Canford Boat Club.

Please note that photographs may be taken at this event and may be used in our online and print publicity. Individuals will not be named in any shots without prior permission. If you do not wish to be photographed, please email

Terms & Conditions

  • I apply for temporary use of the facility at Canford School Boat club. 
  • I agree to take part in the activities of the Club and understand that I will be kept informed of these activities – e.g. timing and transport details.
  • I have read and agreed to uphold Canford School Boat Club’s Code of Conduct:

Rules of the River for Rowing and Sculling.

1. The Head coach in consultation with the Boathouse manager will decide if the river is safe for rowing and sculling.

2. A Crew can only go afloat if accompanied by a coach or by prior permission from an official of Canford School boat club.

3. Crews should make every effort to embark and disembark from the landing stage in good time and in a safe manner.

4. Crews should always keep the river bank on their right at all times, (Red side, port side. Steering Coxes keep to the left.

5. Turning is only permitted at the two ends of the river i.e. At Wimborne old town bridge upstream and the foot bridge down stream. (Some exceptions are allowed but the river must be clear and the coach must give clear instructions)

6. When the river is in ‘fast flow’ the crews will be instructed to turn early. (I.e. outside the boathouse or at the end of the tow path)

7. Faster crew’s should ask to turn in front of a slower crew’s in the turning zones.

8. Crew’s going up steam must give way to crew’s coming down stream. Particular caution should be adhered to the narrow sections of the river and tight corners.

9. Cox’s must wear a life jacket/buoyancy aid whilst in the boat and understand how it inflates

10. No more than two coaches per crew on the tow path.

11. A crew may only overtake another crew if both coaches are in agreement.

12. Crew’s, Cox’s, Coaches, should be mindful of coxless boats and the inexperienced oarsperson using the river to help avoid a collision.

13. Crew’s are not to warm up pre outing, on the tow path.

14. All coaches will carry a two- way radio Turned ON! channel 1 and a throw line when coaching a crew.

  • I understand that in the event of injury or illness all reasonable steps will be taken to contact the number given. I give my permission for first aid to be administered or where considered necessary treatment by a suitably qualified medical practitioner.
  • If I should require emergency hospital treatment, I authorise a qualified medical practitioner to provide emergency treatment or medication.