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Canford Round The World


we did it!

13th November 2020-17th January 2021

“What an amazing achievement!  We really weren’t sure if this challenge would be embraced but my goodness, you have certainly done the Canford Community proud.  We have been astounded at the number of activities you have all taken part in.  It has involved individuals, extended families, pets and such a variety of movement.  I’d like to add a special thank you to the Development and Marketing teams and the Development Pupil Leaders (Laura and Will) who worked hard to make this challenge possible.  But the last thank you goes out to the Canford Community for a fantastic, combined effort.  We hope you have enjoyed the challenge – we have certainly enjoyed receiving your entries and photographs.”    

Rowena Gaston, Development Director

To view the final statistics please click on the ACTIVITY UPDATE below.

Canford round the world challenge activity


Please take pictures of yourselves completing activities and share them on social media, using  #CanfordRoundtheWorld or send them in via the online form or email.

Each week we will bring you updates on our progress.   We have certain milestones that we want to hit which relate to the destinations that Canford has visited.  Our first stops could be Lympstone, Devon, home to many CCF trips followed by Scheveningen, Holland (456km), Lago d’Orta, Italy (943km), Reykjavik (1885K) … We would love Canfordians and our OCs to share photographs and memories of these trips via email and social media.