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Canford Round The World



In a bid to get the Canford Community on the move and at a time when travel is so restricted, we are launching our Canford Round the World Challenge. 

As a community we are aiming to collectively travel 40,075KM (24,901 miles).  Your mode of travel can be running, walking, cycling, rowing or any other physical activity that travels a distance.

We would like pupils, Old Canfordians, parents and staff to join us in this challenge.  You can record your distances by simply emailing Canford Round the World Challenge or completing the short form below. All we need to know is your name, your House, the activity and the distance you have travelled. Your House is important as whilst we are collectively going to circumnavigate the world, this is a competition between Houses to see which House can travel the furthest!  If you are a parent or staff member, you will need to ‘assign’ yourself a House to support. If you have a Strava account, you can record your activity by joining the Canford Community on Strava. Please find joining instructions here if you would like to record your distances on Strava.

Canford round the world challenge activity


Please take pictures of yourselves completing activities and share them on social media, using  #CanfordRoundtheWorld or send them in via the online form or email.

Each week we will bring you updates on our progress.   We have certain milestones that we want to hit which relate to the destinations that Canford has visited.  Our first stops could be Lympstone, Devon, home to many CCF trips followed by Scheveningen, Holland (456km), Lago d’Orta, Italy (943km), Reykjavik (1885K) … We would love Canfordians and our OCs to share photographs and memories of these trips via email and social media.