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Friends of Canford

The Friends of Canford School

We are a voluntary group of parents and friends of Canford. We organise fun social events that raise money for the community and school projects we support.

The events we run fall into three categories - 'Have a go''Did you know' and 'Get together'. Our 'Have a go' events allow access to some of Canford’s more unusual facilities like the Real Tennis court or the shooting range. 'Did you know' events inform of the history of Canford’s wonderful buildings and the Arboretum within the parkland.  All of these provide a wonderful opportunity along with our 'Get together'  events like the Quiz Night, tennis tournament and new parents' lunch for you to meet, socialise and get to know other parents and members of the Canford Community. Whilst you are having fun, you are also helping us to raise money to support community service and partnership projects that help the school and some of its excellent outreach programmes.

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What do Friends of Canford Support?

Friends of Canford (FCS) supports a range of projects within and outside of Canford, all with a strong link to Canford and the community service projects the pupils are involved with. Grants are awarded annually to departments and groups within Canford via a Grants Process.  These Grants help teachers and pupils buy equipment or complete a project that is beneficial not just to their education but also to the wider community. Over the past few years, FCS grants have helped to fund many projects including bringing in historian and writers in residence as well as “Explore boxes that facilitate pupils working together with pupils in state schools.

A larger grant is given annually to the CityReach, a longstanding community service project with the Northam community in Southampton. 

The CityReach Project has been running for many years, with our Canford pupils hosting residential camping weekends, going to visit the CityReach children, and helping to fund their ongoing community support.

More recently, Friends of Canford has widened its involvement in supporting local community causes and projects that have a positive impact on the environment such as Wimborne Food Bank, High Mead Therapy Farm, and Wimborne Community Gardens.  Additionally support has been given to the Wardrobe Foundation, a social enterprise set up by an Old Canfordian to provide women in need of clothing with beautiful gift bags full of clothing tailored to both their size, style, preference, and clothing need.  

Find out more about the grants we have recently awarded here

Friends of Canford Council
Tiffany Fleming Chair
Perianne Graham Vice Chair
Linda Spencer Secretary
Tim Brown Company Secretary
Mike Durham Treasurer
Ben Vessey Headmaster
​​Rowena Gaston Development Director -, 01202 847506
​Dave Allen Committee Member
Viv Arkell Committee Member
​Louise Craigen Committee Member
​​Lisa Farthing Committee Member
​Linda Tazzyman Grants Officer
​​Phil Jack Committee Member
​Debra Stocks Committee Member
Anita Ambrose-Hunt Committee Member

To get in touch with any of the above, please contact Rowena Gaston in the first instance.

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