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Instrument Donation Scheme

Giving young people the chance to make music is to offer them the opportunity to enhance their lives, fulfil their musical dreams, and to give back something in return.

Music at Canford is strong, and a central part of the creative and cultural life of the school. Some pupils do not, though, have their own instruments and hire from the school. Often this is beginners, who look to ‘try out’ an instrument before parents make the significant investment in their own instrument, but sometimes more advanced pupils also use school instruments, often where cost is a prohibitive factor.

The idea for the FCM instrument donation scheme came about when a parent remarked that with their child having moved on from their music-making, their instrument was left unplayed at home. Whilst we hope that all pupils will carry on with their playing forever, the reality is that some find other interests, and time for music is squeezed.

We think that this scheme offers a chance for such unused instruments to benefit future generations of musicians at school.

We are happy to consider donations of almost all instruments which are in good condition. If we are not able to use the instrument ourselves, perhaps because we have enough already, we will either look to pass the donation on to another school which can use it (our links with the Bourne Academy, for example, offer a very good option) or to sell it and use the money to purchase an instrument.

We are keen to have donations of any instruments suitable for more advanced players (ie that are not the ‘basic’ model).  We also currently particularly need a Cor Anglais, a French Horn, an Oboe and a Piccolo.

Please note that we are currently not able to accept donations of drum kits. We can only consider pianos which are less than 20 years old, in good condition and are from a reputable manufacturer.


If you would like to learn more about the possibility of donating an instrument, further details and a donation form can be found by clicking the download link below. The Director of Music, Christopher Sparkhall, would also be happy to hear from you and to answer questions.


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