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Friends of Canford Rowing

The Friends of Canford Rowing exists to create that home atmosphere wherever the rowing happens to be. We are the roar from the riverbank!

Run mainly by parents, OCs and all those with an interest in rowing are welcome to join us at our rowing events. If you love rowing, get involved with the Friends of Canford Rowing.

Unlike other Canford sports, rowers hardly ever have home matches. Most weekends during the racing season involve trips to the Tideway in London, Dorney Lake or other rowing venues around the country.

The Friends of Canford Rowing was formed as a way of supporting the current pupil rowers and providing that home atmosphere wherever they were racing. Every weekend during racing season, the FCR turn up with a gazebo or marquee, hot food, flapjacks and brownies, and a huge amount of enthusiasm. Rowing reports are sent out afterwards so that parents unable to attend are kept informed.

FCR is run by parent volunteers, and functions through donations given by rowing parents. We ask for a minimum of £10 from each parent each year that their child rows at Canford. DONATE NOW

To get in touch with FCR, please contact the Development Office ( in the first instance.

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