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FCS Grants and Projects

FCS Grants and Projects

Between 2020-2022 the Friends of Canford awarded at total of £18, 171 made up from:

City Reach: £4,500 to help with three of their activities; coach travel to Canford Camp, PGL activity weekend on the Isle of Wight, and coach travel to Canford Christmas Party.  Canford Pupils helping at all of these activities, gaining valuable experience supporting children from disadvantaged situations.

Wimborne Community Garden: £2,100 to help purchase equipment for irrigation and propagation for this new space where people from all areas of the community are welcomed to come help grow food. From the produce grow at the community garden, 25% is donated to Wimborne Food Bank

High Mead Therapy Farm: £430 to help fund a laptop crucial for volunteers to use in the running of the farm shop.  The Farm is supported work environment for those with disabilities, mental health issues and recovering from illness.  Canford pupils have gained valuable experience volunteering at the farm and in the farm shop. £980 to fund the roofing of Louis Shed, one of the farm’s long-standing volunteers who has spent 12 months building the shed with farm co-workers, using upcycled 2nd hand wood donated to the Farm.

Wardrobe Foundation: £733 towards helping to buy sewing equipment and tools that can be used to upcycle donated pre-loved clothes and textiles into items that can be sold to raise further funds.  £728 raised from the fashion show hosted at Canford School, with pupils upcycling clothes and textiles into stylish new outfits.

The Friendly Food Club (in association with Wimborne District Community): £2,500 to provide free educational and practical workshops for families to learn basic cookery skills with the aim at reducing their weekly shopping bills and providing healthy, nutritious meals.

East Dorset Museum: £2,000 to help fund hosting dementia friendly activity days with “In Jolly Good Company” (providing Jolly Days) at the museum twice monthly, bringing joy and a sense of community to those suffering from loneliness and isolation.

Canford Community Partnerships: £1,000  to fund 5 “Explore boxes” which are loaned to state schools. Canford pupils accompany and gain valuable experience in helping in education of others.   The box themes are:  Mini Robots, Fossils, A Digestive system model, 6 Boccia sports kits and 16 Chess sets

Wimborne in Bloom: £2,000 to fund the planting in Wimborne Square as the group’s fund raising was devasted by the impact of the pandemic.

Streets Meadow Care Home: £200 for the purchase of garden tools and baking equipment to encourage more socialisation for the elderly residents.

Wimborne War on Waste: £1,000 to part fund the creation of an education video to help the town move away from disposable to use more sustainable, reusable drinks containers.  Canford Staff and pupils featured in the video.


During 2018 - 2019, the Friends of Canford awarded a total of £13,200 to community projects made up from:

·         City Reach - £4,200

·         CCF - Moveable Paintball Range - £4,500

·         Skills based creative workshops including a pop-up space for the Layard Theatre - £4,500

At the end of the summer term 2017, the Friends of Canford awarded just under £10,000 in grants to school and community projects:

  • The Art School - £450 to purchase an A0 drying rack for drying artwork.
  • The Layard Theatre - £200 to purchase a device to transfer films of historic school drama productions from tape to the server.
  • Geography - £750 to purchase 4 K'NEX® Renewable Energy Kits allowing pupils internally and SHINE children to experiment with different ways of generating energy from the environment.
  • Community projects - SHINE and City Reach - £6,000 
  • Formula 24 - £2,500 to purchase a trailer for the Formula 24 team to carry up to 4 vehicles to races including The Bourne Academy F24 car.

FCS Prizes

The Friends of Canford School each year also support two prizes for pupils:

·         The FCS Prize for Design Technology

·         The FCS Prize for Journalism