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Annual Fund

The Canford Charitable Annual Bursary Fund supports the Martin Marriott Foundation to provide transformational bursaries for deserving pupils. 



Collective giving is powerful.  The Canford Charitable Annual Bursary Fund provides an accessible affordable way for you to donate a small regular amount to make the difference to a deserving child’s education.


Everyone!  This is the opportunity for Old Canfordians, parents or friends, to join forces and offer a life-changing opportunity to a deserving young person.


We are immensely grateful for those within the Canford Community who already donate, many who have done so for some time.  2017 will see the start of the Canford Charitable Annual Bursary Fund.  

With your help, in our first year, we would like to be able to raise £53,000 to provide a 100% bursary place (across both years) for a deserving Sixth Form Day Pupil.  This will best succeed as a collective effort.  

Your gift can be made at any time of the year and can be a one-off, annual or monthly donation.

Put simply, bursaries change lives and your regular donations can really make a difference.

Ben Vessey, Headmaster

I find the thinking behind this initiative very exciting and challenging and am honoured and delighted to have been asked to be associated with it.  It is entirely in tune with the school’s policy over many decades of helping those who for whatever reason might be otherwise unable to benefit from all that Canford can offer them.  What more worthy project could any of us who have enjoyed and benefited from our time at Canford hope to support?  I encourage you all to join me insofar as you are able to do so.  Together I am sure we can make a great success of this latest development.

Martin Marriott - Former Headmaster, 1976-1992

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