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Leave a Legacy

Leaving a gift to Canford in your Will is a wonderful way to ensure that the school continues to thrive and provide tremendous opportunities for young people for generations to come.  All gifts big or small are greatly appreciated.  Providing for Canford in your Will demonstrates a tremendous commitment on your part, one that we think should be honoured during your lifetime. We have established the Nineveh Legacy Society as a way to honour and thank those who remember Canford in their Wills.



You do not need to leave a large sum, just a small percentage of your residual estate could make a real difference.   In making your Will, having naturally considered your family and your loved ones first, we hope that you may consider supporting Canford.

Unrestricted bequests enable us to use your legacy gift wherever the need is greatest at the School, whatever its current priorities, and so give us useful flexibility. You may also choose to direct your bequest towards a particular fund, for example the Martin Marriott Foundation, a Wish List item or a building project.

As a registered charity (charity number 306315), legacy gifts made to Canford are exempt from UK Inheritance and Capital Gains Taxes. Under current rules, if you leave 10% or more of your chargeable net estate to charity, the Inheritance Tax rate on the whole of your taxable estate is reduced from 40% to 36%. 

Whether you are writing your Will for the first time or amending it with a Codicil, leaving a bequest to Canford is straightforward.  As your Will is a very important document, we recommend that you consult your legal adviser before drafting a new Will or updating an existing Will. 

If you choose to amend your Will with a codicil form you can download a form here or alternatively we can post one to you.

You can read some useful general information about types of legacies here:

Types of Legacy

Download a Legacy Intention Form

Please contact Rowena Gaston by email for any further information relating to leaving a legacy to Canford.  

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