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Nineveh Legacy Society

In many ways, providing for Canford in your Will is the greatest gift you can make to the school.  It signifies your belief in all that Canford stands for and creates an enduring testimony beyond your death.  

The school believes that recognition of such a commitment should not come through acts of remembrance alone.  To honour in their lifetimes those who have pledged a legacy to Canford, they are invited to join the Nineveh Legacy Society.   The Society is named in honour of the lasting legacy of the Assyrian Frieze brought from Nineveh by Sir Austen Henry Layard and the impact of this on the development of Canford.    

Membership is granted to all those who have signalled an intention to make a bequest to Canford.  Nineveh Legacy Society members are invited to an annual lunch and other Canford receptions and events throughout the year.    


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