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Martin Marriott Foundation


 ‘Building a community of open-minded people who are motivated to embrace learning in all its forms and committed to making a difference to their lives and the lives of others’  

is at the heart of a Canford education. Providing bursaries to deserving young people who would not otherwise be able to afford a Canford education is an important factor in our ethos and Canford is actively increasing accessibility to achieve this.    


I find the thinking behind this initiative very exciting and challenging and am honoured and delighted to have been asked to be associated with it.  It is entirely in tune with the School’s policy over many decades of helping those who for whatever reason might be otherwise unable to benefit from all that Canford can offer them. What more worthy project could any of us who have enjoyed and benefited from our time at Canford hope to support? I encourage you all to join me in so far as you are able to do so. Together I am sure we can make a great success of this latest development.

Martin Marriott - Former Headmaster, 1976-1992


We are grateful to a number of OCs and parents who generously give to the Martin Marriott Foundation.  Together we are helping to break the cycle of deprivation and develop true potential in young people.  However, we have a large number of applicants for bursary places at Canford and unfortunately have to turn many away.  With your help, we can change this. For example, if every OC gave £10 per month, with Gift Aid, we could achieve almost £1,000,000 per year which would allow an additional 25 pupils to attend Canford each year on a full bursary.  


Collective giving is powerful and every gift makes a difference. Please consider giving whatever you can.  

Put simply, bursaries change lives. We want to provide the opportunity to add structure, substance and reality to the dreams and ambitions of your people whose life chances are likely to preclude this, whether that be due to general socio-economic factors or specific difficulties and hardship within the family or locality where they live. This is very much a partnership as not only will pupils accessing a bursary benefit greatly, but their presence within the Canford community will add breadth and richness to the educational and life experience of all within it. Ben Vessey, Headmaster





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