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Welcome to the Canford Community

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Welcome to the Canford Community

Information for Current Parents and Pupils, Old Canfordians and the wider School Community


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Everyone who has been through Canford is a member of our community. We also welcome those yet to join Canford. Whether you are a parent, Old Canfordian, staff or friend of Canford, we hope you will enjoy this community section of the website.

I would like to hope that all in our Canford community share a common bond in the continued success of our school, which aims to provide a dynamic learning environment within a vibrant and inclusive community. 

Ben Vessey - Headmaster

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Milind Khashu_Harry Young

The Lower Sixth take part in the Baynham and C P Snow Essay competitions, with the Baynham Prize for the best essay on a question related to an arts or humanities topic and the C P Snow Prize recognises the best essay on a scientific topic. Congratulations to Milind and Harry on their winning entries.

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